So You Want To Be A Real Estate Agent

So You Want Be A Real EstateAgentSo You Want To Be A Real Estate Agent

Everyone knows it’s easy money and that the market is hot- hot -hot in most areas…. right????   Well, not really!  Yes, it’s hot and yes you can make good money but no it’s not easy money at all!

Real Estate sales suffers from a misleading reputation and many new agents decide to become a real estate agent with little pre-planning, with no goals and no clear understanding what the business actually entails. So you want to be a real estate agent??? If so, do yourself a big favor and investigate before you jump in!

There are cost$ involved, time spent without direct compensation and building your business won’t happen over night. Also, and most importantly not every one or every personality is suited for the business.  Be honest….  Are you a self motivating person, do you give up easily, are your feelings easily hurt, do you have at least 6 months of sustainable funds, do you have a large sphere of influence????   There are a lot of questions you should be asking and many things to think about before you jump in.

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Are you still curious about a career in real estate? If so please reach out to me for a no obligation discussion about real life real estate!

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So You Want Be A Real Estate Agent


Social Media BeAwareness Approved for 3 NH and Maine CE Credits

New Class Social Media BeAwarenessNew CE Class!

Social Media BeAwareness NH #E1882 – Maine LL557C005LE

3 Hours NH and Maine Continuing Education Credits (CE)

The Internet is not going away and more and more agents have discovered that a strong social media presence can help attract both buyer and seller clients and has become a powerful CRM tool. At the same time more and more agents are inadvertently jeopardizing their client’s positions, violating regulatory body rules and regulations, license laws, REALTOR Code of Ethics and office policies. This class explores best practice and raises the awareness of preserving  and protecting client confidentiality in the digital space.

My Virtual Classroom

ActiveRain Top 12

I was asked to participate in a year in review on the ActiveRain Real Estate network by selecting the top 12 educational blog posts for 2007. One of the greatest benefits of being an Active Rain member is the incredible amount of learning that happens nearly every time you log on. So I thought I’d repost my selections here for you all to share in and in case anyone wants to join ActiveRain the link is here>>> join ActiveRain. Joining ActiveRain is free and offers an incredible real estate learning experience and in the world of full disclosure…I get points (not money) if you sign up by following that link.
Our virtual AR classroom always has room for you so come on in, pull up a chair, get comfy and enjoy some of my picks.In no particular order I present you with…..

Happy New Year, a gift from Seth Godin and 100 of the Best Internet Marketing Blog Posts of 2007 by marti garaughty

Active Rain’s a Master Class — Who Are Your Instructors? by Brian Block

Keywords 101 by Colleen Kulikowski

Message to Santa, your Elves Need Better Sales Training! Is This What Buyer’s Feel LIke in This Market? by Colleen Fischesser

Midori’s Real Estate Resource Secrets… by Midori Miller

Real Estate Branding – Rick and Ines Style by Rick & Ines

The Power of Reverse Psychology by Jennifer Allan

Get off your whine and plan! by Allen Wright

Credit Scores Where Did They Come From & What Are They??? by George Souto

How To Avoid Going To The Google Sandbox for Keyword Stuffing by Laurie Manny

Unofficial Tech Support ~ Adding photos and wrapping the text… by Kristal Kraft

Absorption Rate: What it is, and Why you Should Know it by Rich Schiffer

Extra credit reading the Realty Book Club reviews….

I Think Therefore I Blog: Realty Blogging Says Be a Groundbreaker…Blog Now!….Review #1 by Carole Cohen

Your Blogging Voice… Where is it? (Realty Blogging Review #2) by Mariana Wagner

So Far to Go, So Much to Learn…….. (Realty Blogging Review #3) by Ann Cummings

Branding through Blogging (Realty Blogging Review #4) by Ines Hegedus-Garcia

Become an Expert by Building the Relationship..Realty Blogging Review # 5 by Monika McGillicuddy

Have a Niche? … Scratch it! (Realty Blogging Review #6) by Mariana Wagner

Bloggers are The New Woodward and Bernstein: Realty Blogging Book Ch. 9 #7 by Carole Cohen

Turn Your Blog Into A Lead Generating Machine – Realty Blogging Review #8 (Chap. 10) by Ann Cummings

Intranet What?? Internal Chit Chat revived review # 9 by Ines Hegedus-Garcia Join ActiveRain by clicking here>>>> Join ActiveRain

Upcoming Class…Web 2.0 Consumer Centric 11/20/07

Consumer Centric Market & Web 2.0

3 Hour Continuing Education Credit (elective) # E1000

What Centric are you working in?

Understanding the impact of the changing real estate market and the
changing consumer is crucial to an agent’s successful ability
to represent the needs of their clients and customers.

Contact: Monika McGillicuddy (603) 548-7728 Date: November 20

Windham NH

A few blogs posts from my past

I originally posted this back in July on the Active Rain Real Estate Network. At that time I was pretty excited about becoming an ABR and SRES instructor. I wrote the post and inserted lots of links that take you to other articles I’ve written. It’s sort of like a journal and a passage of sorts. I look back at some my early blog posts and cringe a bit…but hey that’s me…my words and my feelings.

I’m off teaching NHAR’s Quick Start program for the next two days and then Jay and I are driving to Pennsylvania for the Penn State/Ohio State game. Plus the RedSox are going to the world series! What a weekend it will be for us!

See you next week!

It’s Offical I’m an ABR and SRES Instructor!

July 2007

 As some of you know I’ve been working my way through the instructor certification process required by REBAC to become an ABR and SRES instructor.

It took a while but I have completed both the required one day course in DC and the two day course in St Louis and the dreaded tests.

Thankfully I passed both tests and now I’m finally “certified”…YIPPEE!

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