Real Estate Agent Education

Real Estate Agent EducationReal Estate Agent Education

Real Estate Education or lack of it.  Real estate agents typically help guide the consumers through what is often the largest financial decision of their life.  The responsibilities are enormous and being a real estate agent is not a job you can fake your way through. Unfortunately, real estate agent education is all over the place. Meaning that there is no consistent new agent training program…no uniform program that every agent must complete.  Training a new agent is often up to the skills and resources that a firm has available.   Some firms depend on outside programs like CEU classes being offered at local associations and/or having the new agent tag along or shadow a more experienced agent.

Being a Real Estate Agent is so easy

Many people think that being a real estate agent is so easy…. after all you just open a door and talk “up” a house and the buyer immediately wants to make an offer on it…easy!    Not True!  Many of us in the business know that is so far from reality that it’s laughable.  But, sadly that is the perception many outside the industry have. To over come that perception is very hard and almost impossible without quality on going training and coaching.

Your new career and real estate agent education

So you just passed your test…. you are now a licensed NH real estate agent!  Congratulations… that real estate test is not easy and many folks do not pass the 1st time!  However, the real estate test also does not prepare you for “real life” real estate! So Now what???  That “Now What” question, is a very very important question to ask. Training will make or break you and that’s the blunt truth.

What a real estate training program should look like

It should be on going as you can NEVER Close the book to real estate education.  There should be a new agent orientation or on-boarding program, as well as real estate modules that cover all the topics and skills a new agent must master.  At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Verani Realty, we have an orientation/on boarding program that new agents take as soon as they join the firm.  Our new agent training program Verani U (Verani University)  is an intense 3+ week long with 11+ sessions/modules that covers all the skills needed to be successful. Beyond that we have skill sessions and multiple continuing education credit courses.  Our training classes are all posted on a company wide calendar and you can look and see what we have offered this past year and beyond.

Interviewing a Real Estate Firm

Ask to see their company policy manual and their training schedule. While they may not have an upcoming schedule of training for you they should be able to show you past months. This will give you  a solid idea as to how much training they really offer.  Be sure to ask about skill sessions and continuing education credit classes.  Better yet give me a call at 603-548-7728 before you decide to join a firm. Being a trainer and a REALTOR , I can answer all your questions and share with you the resources available to all Verani Agents.  Interviewing a Real Estate Firm is an important, probably the most important part of becoming a real estate agent so don’t short change yourself.

Call me at 603-548-7728

Now What?

Real Estate Agent Education

So You Want To Be A Real Estate Agent

On-Line Ethics & Unintentional Unethical Behavior

UnintentionalFile Feb 21, 7 53 15 AM Unethical Behavior …is it inadvertently created by encouraging our “new” real estate agents to take an on-line ethics orientation class?  My take on the issue in the era of  the “raise the bar” “clean house”  “raise the entry requirement” mind set that so many on-line groups and even Inman News, probably the most popular real estate news site, is pushing.  Real Estate Brokers “Clean Your House” seems to be the new mantra.   The National Association of REALTORS has a fabulous On-Line Ethics class both for new agents and an ethics quadrennial class for experienced agents but I seriously have an issue with sending new agents to an on-line ethics orientation….. watch the video below and find out why.

Video thoughts on On-Line Ethics

New Agent Training

Monika New Agent Training

There is so much more to real estate than meets the eye. Many folks enter the business with unrealistic expectations, no budget and no clue how much work it takes to “make it” in this industry.

Passing the test is one big first step but the interview process is the next big hurdle. Asking questions about training and support is crucial. Feeling comfortable in the office environment is important as well. Let’s face it, nobody looks forward to the 1st day on a new job but being sure that the culture of the office you pick matches what you’re looking for, is a make or break.   Don’t be afraid to ask questions, walk around the office, talk to agents who are there but most importantly  understand that you need to be willing to put in the time required to learn all the new skills and be open to doing things outside your comfort zone.  The “real estate closing fairy” is not going to come and just sprinkle commissions your way … you need to be proactive and make that happen.  Don’t ever close the “book” to learning…. as there will always be more pages to add.

If you are curious about a career in real estate call me for a confidential meeting to explore your options @ 603-548-7728.


Nuts and Bolts of Real Estate

Skill Based Real Estate Training


Skill Based Real Estate Training

I love skill building workshops, small groups or large, the joy of seeing the light shine in new agents eyes as they “get it” and feeling their excitement just totally makes my day.

We just finished the January session of BHHS Verani University and are in the middle of our on going skill building sessions with a fantastic group of newly licensed agents.

If you are new agent please don’t under estimate the importance of on-going training and mentoring. I would be more than happy to discuss the reason why that is so important with you before you make the decision to affiliate with a firm.  You’ve worked so hard to get your license, so don’t take a short cut to success.

Call me at 603-548-7728 or stop by and visit me at BHHS Verani Realty at One Verani Way Londonderry NH.

Don’t just take my word for it…listen to what some of our newly licensed agents are saying.

Verani U Real Estate Training


Code of Ethics – Quadrennial Training

Code of Ethics – Quadrennial Training

Nov 7, 2012, 9:00 – 12:15

This is the Mandatory Code of Ethics Quadrennial training class that all REALTORS need to complete by the end of 2012!

Class also offers 3 NH Continuing Education Credits and will be held at 2 Mary E Clark Drive, Unit # 5 at Stage Road Junction in Hampstead NH


Course date and times: Nov 7, 2012, 9:00 – 12:15


Fee:  On, or prior to Nov 5th the cost will be $25.00.  If you pay at the door, it will be $30.00.  All checks should be made payable to Monika McGillicuddy and mailed to:

Monika McGillicuddy  PO Box 327  East Hampstead NH 03826

Seating is limited so please sign up soon!


New Hampshire Quick Start Training Program

goldr.jpgI just completed instructing the four day NH Quick Start Agent Training program. We had 16 REALTORS attending from all over NH and even Vermont. It really was the perfect size class for the workshop and location, especially since the room only holds twenty. This also allowed us plenty of space and time for group work and interaction.

Not only do we learn from the instructor but the sharing of information and experience from the participants is priceless.

Particularly in this market where agents need all the tools, ideas and motivation they can get.

I love teaching the Quick Start program because it is so relevant, full of information you can really apply. Sometimes I think because I list and sell real estate for a living it gives me that ability to relate to what being a practicing REALTOR is all about. To know what really works, giving my classes that reality grounded training flavor…I mean I practice what I preach.

The class went real well and I think the four days flew by.

Judging from comments and evaluations the participants all felt it worth while and left excited.

The next NH Quick start program will be in February and while we say it is geared for agents with under 4 years of experience…don’t let that stop you. We had a manger and some experienced people in this last class and they all gained from attending. I’m looking forward to hearing some success stories!!!