Real Estate Agent Education

Real Estate Agent EducationReal Estate Agent Education

Real Estate Education or lack of it.  Real estate agents typically help guide the consumers through what is often the largest financial decision of their life.  The responsibilities are enormous and being a real estate agent is not a job you can fake your way through. Unfortunately, real estate agent education is all over the place. Meaning that there is no consistent new agent training program…no uniform program that every agent must complete.  Training a new agent is often up to the skills and resources that a firm has available.   Some firms depend on outside programs like CEU classes being offered at local associations and/or having the new agent tag along or shadow a more experienced agent.

Being a Real Estate Agent is so easy

Many people think that being a real estate agent is so easy…. after all you just open a door and talk “up” a house and the buyer immediately wants to make an offer on it…easy!    Not True!  Many of us in the business know that is so far from reality that it’s laughable.  But, sadly that is the perception many outside the industry have. To over come that perception is very hard and almost impossible without quality on going training and coaching.

Your new career and real estate agent education

So you just passed your test…. you are now a licensed NH real estate agent!  Congratulations… that real estate test is not easy and many folks do not pass the 1st time!  However, the real estate test also does not prepare you for “real life” real estate! So Now what???  That “Now What” question, is a very very important question to ask. Training will make or break you and that’s the blunt truth.

What a real estate training program should look like

It should be on going as you can NEVER Close the book to real estate education.  There should be a new agent orientation or on-boarding program, as well as real estate modules that cover all the topics and skills a new agent must master.  At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Verani Realty, we have an orientation/on boarding program that new agents take as soon as they join the firm.  Our new agent training program Verani U (Verani University)  is an intense 3+ week long with 11+ sessions/modules that covers all the skills needed to be successful. Beyond that we have skill sessions and multiple continuing education credit courses.  Our training classes are all posted on a company wide calendar and you can look and see what we have offered this past year and beyond.

Interviewing a Real Estate Firm

Ask to see their company policy manual and their training schedule. While they may not have an upcoming schedule of training for you they should be able to show you past months. This will give you  a solid idea as to how much training they really offer.  Be sure to ask about skill sessions and continuing education credit classes.  Better yet give me a call at 603-548-7728 before you decide to join a firm. Being a trainer and a REALTOR , I can answer all your questions and share with you the resources available to all Verani Agents.  Interviewing a Real Estate Firm is an important, probably the most important part of becoming a real estate agent so don’t short change yourself.

Call me at 603-548-7728

Now What?

Real Estate Agent Education

So You Want To Be A Real Estate Agent

So You Want To Be A Real Estate Agent

So You Want Be A Real EstateAgentSo You Want To Be A Real Estate Agent

Everyone knows it’s easy money and that the market is hot- hot -hot in most areas…. right????   Well, not really!  Yes, it’s hot and yes you can make good money but no it’s not easy money at all!

Real Estate sales suffers from a misleading reputation and many new agents decide to become a real estate agent with little pre-planning, with no goals and no clear understanding what the business actually entails. So you want to be a real estate agent??? If so, do yourself a big favor and investigate before you jump in!

There are cost$ involved, time spent without direct compensation and building your business won’t happen over night. Also, and most importantly not every one or every personality is suited for the business.  Be honest….  Are you a self motivating person, do you give up easily, are your feelings easily hurt, do you have at least 6 months of sustainable funds, do you have a large sphere of influence????   There are a lot of questions you should be asking and many things to think about before you jump in.

Call me !!!

Are you still curious about a career in real estate? If so please reach out to me for a no obligation discussion about real life real estate!

Monika McGillicuddy 603-548- 7728 – Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Verani Realty office 603-43-2377

So You Want Be A Real Estate Agent


Video Workshop | Social Videos | Real Estate Videos

Video toolsVideo Workshop | Social Videos | Real Estate Videos

This fun fast moving workshop will help show agents how to market themselves, their market area and listings by creating short videos.  Pre- workshop assignment please be prepared to answer the following questions: 1) What sets you apart? 2) Who / What is your target market? 3) What do you love most about this area?  We will create short, 1- 3 minute video clips, explore editing and branding.

March 7 and March 10th at BHHS Verani Realty’s Nashua office!

Monika McGillicuddy Video Workshop video #1


Monika McGillicuddy Video Workshop video #2

Monika McGillicuddy Video Workshop video #3

New Agent Training

Monika New Agent Training

There is so much more to real estate than meets the eye. Many folks enter the business with unrealistic expectations, no budget and no clue how much work it takes to “make it” in this industry.

Passing the test is one big first step but the interview process is the next big hurdle. Asking questions about training and support is crucial. Feeling comfortable in the office environment is important as well. Let’s face it, nobody looks forward to the 1st day on a new job but being sure that the culture of the office you pick matches what you’re looking for, is a make or break.   Don’t be afraid to ask questions, walk around the office, talk to agents who are there but most importantly  understand that you need to be willing to put in the time required to learn all the new skills and be open to doing things outside your comfort zone.  The “real estate closing fairy” is not going to come and just sprinkle commissions your way … you need to be proactive and make that happen.  Don’t ever close the “book” to learning…. as there will always be more pages to add.

If you are curious about a career in real estate call me for a confidential meeting to explore your options @ 603-548-7728.


Nuts and Bolts of Real Estate

Are You Ready For Mobile

MobileAs of yesterday Google’s mobile search algorithm has changed to emphasize web sites that are mobile-friendly.


If your site isn’t optimized and easy to use for mobile users, it will likely get less traffic and go down in the search rankings when people use their mobile devices.

A site is mobile-friendly if it’s fast loading, features readable text without zooming, properly sizes content and photos so the user doesn’t have to scroll sideways, and has links that are easy to click.

Need more information about how these Google Mobile changes will impact you click this REALTOR.ORG Mobile Ready article



NARTechEdge Burlington Vermont

IMG_0146NARTechEdge was recently held in Burlington Vermont.  There were over a hundred participants and about 80% of those were from Vermont. I meet folks from all over Mass,NH,Maine and beyond the borders of New England.  The event brought back fond memories of the REBarCamps that I have attended.  TechEdge was more organized with an agenda and set speakers where as BarCamps the agenda is set by the participants the morning of the event as are the speakers.  Both events are on my “Not To Miss” list of events when held within a reasonable distance.  That said we, my hubby Jay, fellow REALTOR and friend Ann Cummings and I drove to Virginia to attend a REBarCamp and I have flown to Philadelphia along with Ann just to attend one.

Back in the day, Bar Camps were full of cutting edge information and I loved the sharing of tech tips, tools and best practice that I gained form fellow attendees and session leaders.

I think it’s time to bring one of these events to NH….what say you?




NAR Tech Edge | Burlington Vermont

Tech Edge Vermont

NAR Tech Edge

I was thrilled to have been asked to present at the upcoming NAR Tech Edge in Burlington Vermont on March 26.  This will be full day of tech related real estate topics.  SEO, Blogging, Social Media and much much more. Check out the agenda>>  Tech Edge  and register as soon as possible >> Tech Edge Registration

See you in Vermont!



NHAR Ethics Orientation Instructor

SAM_0724NHAR Ethics Orientation Instructor

Once again I will be teaching the new member ethics course at the New Hampshire Association of REALTORS (NHAR) and will be doing this every other month throughout 2015 at the associations new location in Concord NH.

New members according to the feed back love the course and love the real NH Real Estate Life stories I bring to the class.  If you are a new agent attending the New Member Ethics Orientation class be sure to let me know you’ve read this blog.

See you soon!


Tech Training Website and Blogs

Ask Jay and MonikaTech Training Website and Blogs

Are you curious about  tech training.  Are you an agent or small business with tech issues?  If so this is the place for you.  As the small business environment continues to change we need to add tools that we can use and feel comfortable with.  We believe that most people are not really tech challenged, they just haven’t been taught or exposed to the tools and skill sets needed.

Jay and I will be sharing articles and videos that we’ve have written or produced as well as  linking to articles that other trainers have written, many will be real estate training related but we believe the tools and tips that we share, can and should be applied to any business.
Looking for someone to help build a website or blog from single property sites to full blog sites with reasonable rates then contact Jay at 603-548-7685

If you have training needs that you don’t see referenced, just call us, we can help you.    We’re always open for  suggestions and comments so please don’t be shy.

Email for info

Monika 603-548-7728

Jay 603-548-7685

NAR Quadrennial Training Night Class in Hampstead

Code of Ethics – Quadrennial Training

By special request we are holding an evening class in Hampstead!

Nov 15, 2012, 6:00 pm– 9:15

This is the Mandatory Code of Ethics Quadrennial training class that all REALTORS need to complete by the end of 2012!

Class also offers 3 NH Continuing Education Credits and will be held at 2 Mary E Clark Drive, Unit # 5 at Stage Road Junction in Hampstead NH


Course date and times: Nov 15, 2012, 6:00 pm – 9:15 pm

Fee:  On, or prior to Nov 14 th the cost will be $25.00.  If you pay at the door, it will be $30.00.  All checks should be made payable to Monika McGillicuddy and mailed to:

Monika McGillicuddy  PO Box 327  East Hampstead NH 03826

Seating is limited so please sign up soon!